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SIBUR conducts its 3rd Focus on Customer Contest: application period ended on 23 November, with winners to be announced by the end of the year.

Customer focus is a key growth driver for SIBUR. The 3rd Focus on Customer Contest was part of a consistent effort aimed at employee engagement in customer focus.

Customer focus is a key growth driver for SIBUR.

For the first time ever, two forms of applications were available to contestants: traditional written format (historically, contestants would send in their prepared stories) and the newly introduced video format (video clips).

Compared to the very first contest that took place at the end of 2016, the number of participants increased almost five-fold, from 44 to 215 people.

The number of submitted stories has grown considerably, too, from 58 in 2016 to 165 in 2017 and 236 this year. Notably, the number of stories this year is strongly in excess of the number of contestants, and the consistent upward trend points at improved employee engagement.

This year, the number of votes given for the stories during Stage 1 of the contest exceeded 18,000, which is six times as much as three years ago. The best stories were submitted to the expert jury consisting of the Company’s executives, who made the final decision.

The best Focus on Customer story and the runners-up will be selected before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, let us present two of the stories submitted to the competition.

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Natalia Malkova,
Chief of Multinational Sales at BIAXPLEN:

Get to the bottom of customer concerns and become a lifehacker for them – this is something the customer is bound to appreciate.

Working in the food industry sometimes involves a form of cooperation when brand owners have their production outsourced to so-called co-packers. Naturally, contractors are expected to deliver maximum productivity, with their equipment limitations often ignored. We visited a co-packer’s production facility at Kuban to help cover peak demand by using SIBUR-made film to boost the performance of the equipment to its design parameters.

The Client’s equipment was fairly old and obviously a bottleneck in this important mission. We resolved the issue by recommending the best fitting film for the task.

However, the plant's employees voiced another concern not directly involving our product – ink got rubbed off the ready packages too quickly. Based on our extensive experience, we suggested that the possible root cause of the problem was not the packaging the incorrect choice of ink used for the bar codes. We asked our customers which type of printer and ink they used and forwarded the information to the producer. As a bonus gift, we provided special markers, which the customer never thought even existed and which are used to test the film printability, a parameter affecting ink adhesion. All of the above resulted in the absolute loyalty of our customer, who eliminated all contact with our emerging competitor located in the neighbourhood and constantly trying to come up with product offerings.

Get to the bottom of customer concerns and become a lifehacker for them – this is something the customer is bound to appreciate.

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