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SIBUR set to sort consumer plastic and paper waste at its Tomsk site.

Almost all polymer by-products from SIBUR's Tomsk site are recycled.

Tomskneftekhim's administrative buildings are now equipped with over 30 two-section compact waste bins for separate collection of paper and consumer plastic. The site's production facilities are fitted out with eighty 120-litre containers, and a number of large 1,100-litre containers are placed outdoors.

The paper and plastic collected are delivered to Tomsk-based companies Pirs and Clean World for recycling. Apart from separate collection of consumer plastic, SIBUR's Tomsk site sends almost all polymer by-products for recycling (to be used for roofing and bitumen materials). Certain by-products, such as polymer crumb and lab film samples, are recycled in-house and turned into lower grade granulate, which is also in demand on the feedstock market.

Containers and bins for separate waste collection at Tomskneftekhim

“Recycled plastic is used in Russia to produce packaging, tanks, containers, pavement materials, and other goods. Recycled paper makes cardboard, trays, book paper and heat-insulating materials,” said Denis Bykov, Head of Environmental Protection at Tomskneftekhim. “Our employees have made their informed choice and joined in waste collection. We would not want the waste that can be turned into goods to end up in a landfill and be irreversibly lost for recycling.”

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