Recycling in style at Bosco Fresh Fest

SIBUR becomes environmental partner of contemporary music festival

Bosco Fresh Fest, an open-air contemporary music festival, has been held in Moscow since 2012. This summer it attracted over 12,000 guests. SIBUR chose to become the festival’s environmental partner to promote plastic waste sorting and recycling.

To mark the event, SIBUR and Bosco created a capsule collection of raincoats made of recycled polyethylene bags as a way to reuse the plastic and give it a second life. As part of the festival, over 300 guests took part in the #basketbottle educational game, during which they had to determine the types of waste subject to recycling. The players were to shoot balls marked with various waste types into one of the two basketball baskets representing recyclable and non-recyclable waste bins. In order to win, the contestants had to hit the right target at least five times.

Guests enjoying the game of #basketbottle at the festival.

Partnership with the festival provided an excellent opportunity for SIBUR to advance the cause of plastic waste sorting and recycling.

“There are too many events in Moscow where people are having a good time but paying little attention to environmental issues. We decided that environmental topics should feature prominently at our event, as cellophane, plastic and other disposable items are heavily used at open-air festivals,” said Vladislav Goroziy, Partner Relations Manager at Bosco Fresh Fest. “We want to lead by example and demonstrate that use of environmentally friendly products and waste sorting and recycling should be an important part of any major happening. In addition to placing waste bins, we created a capsule collection of raincoats made of recycled polyethylene bags in partnership with SIBUR. We raffled them off at the festival. Our plan is to continue producing the raincoats, as we are going to make a greater emphasis on the environment at our events going forward. Hopefully, other festivals will follow the suit.”

Guests wearing raincoats from recycled polyethylene bags.

Andrey Abramenko, Head of Circular Economy at SIBUR, said: “As a committed member of the Responsible Care initiative and a major supplier of feedstock for plastic packaging, SIBUR makes every effort to promote environmentally friendly products and the principles of circular economy. Participation in such events gives us an opportunity to discuss our initiatives with a wider audience and encourage people to adopt these principles in their daily lives.”

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