SIBUR meets its Chinese customers

SIBUR hosted a customer event in Hangzhou (China) to promote Zapsibneftekhim products.

With the launch of Zapsibneftekhim petrochemical facility, Sibur is looking to expand its footprint in China. To showcase new products and advance its brand, SIBUR held an event in Hangzhou for PP and PE consumers from different industries. The event attracted over 150 companies, including 55 major end consumers.

The event attracted over 150 companies, including 55 major end consumers.

The participants had an opportunity to learn more about applications and benefits of Zapneftekhim products. Moreover, they were given valuable insights into SIBUR's business by gaining access to company's business plan, strategy and its corporate values.

After the event was over, SIBUR International team received positive feedback from its Chinese partners.

"I have attended many similar networking events and I believe SIBUR's is the best one,” said Cao Sun, a procurement manager at Jiangsu Shukang packing materials Co., Ltd. "I was impressed by the customer focus SIBUR showed."

"The video shown at the event provides an excellent insight into the opportunities SIBUR and Zapsibneftekhim can offer," said Yan Xiaohong, a procurement manager at Suqian Gettel Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. "I also greatly enjoyed the performance during the dinner which not only created a pleasant atmosphere, but also helped bridge cultural gaps”.

Participants attending SIBUR's customer event in Hangzhou.

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