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Alexey Kozlov, member of the Management Board and Executive Director at SIBUR, speaks about the Company’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and the benefits of circular economy.

Dear clients and partners,

In 1987, the UN report titled Our Common Future first defined sustainable development as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

SIBUR follows the Sustainable Development Goals in all of its business activities. In 2019, the Company established a Sustainable Development function which aims to monitor and introduce best practices, promote Circular Economy, lead the way in the climate agenda, as well as look for and implement solutions to use recycled materials in the manufacturing process, thus focusing on the environmental aspect of sustainability. The Company has almost finished integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into its business strategy and growth plans for each business unit.

Circular economy is one of the key principles of sustainable development. The concept is relatively new for Russia, and SIBUR with its partners are among the growing number of the country’s businesses that have already integrated the circular economy principles into their work. This topic is the primary focus of our new SIBUR for Clients issue.

The Amur Gas Chemical Complex (GCC), whose project was presented to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, may end up as the key element of SIBUR’s sustainable development strategy. The approval of the Amur GCC construction will not only boost high-tech production and promote Russia's non-commodity exports, but also foster social and economic development across the Far Eastern Federal District.

Plastics fit well within the circular economy paradigm as they are energy efficient and can be repeatedly recycled and reused. All the new polymer products highlighted in this issue, be that dry ski slopes or plastic cement packaging, carry great benefits for the environment.

We are always open for cooperation when it comes to new circular economy solutions in all areas, from developing materials to recycling them.

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