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Mikhail Karisalov, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of SIBUR, on the company's joint development with its clients, new industry challenges and opportunities.

Dear Clients and Partners,

SIBUR builds and maintains long-term connections with its Clients. That is why we decided to dedicate our latest issue to joint development and training. This year has seen the launch of SIBUR Business Practices, a free educational platform offering the Company's customers training in the following three areas: SIBUR’s Products, Effective Production, and Management Practices.

Training in the SIBUR Production System as part of the Effective Production programme helps our partners improve their performance and gain a competitive edge. This is evidenced by the feedback of those who have already completed the first training course launched this year. Three more classroom courses will be available in 2019.

The Management Practices programme covers a broad range of areas. Our Standard Management Practices webinar will improve managers’ performance, the Getting Things Done course will be helpful in streamlining the working process, while the Presentation Design webinar is a must for everyone who deals with presentations. All these training courses have proved very beneficial thanks to their most relevant topics and the modern format of distance learning.

Our special focus is on continued product-related training. We use sessions introducing SIBUR’s new products to provide a breadth of product-specific information to our Clients – from efficient processing to regulatory matters. The course is designed for engineers, procurement staff, and management. A series of webinars is to be held during the year to review products of various SIBUR businesses. It started with the BIAXPLEN product training in early April.

For more details of the SIBUR Business Practices platform see the Cover Story section.

One of the reasons behind the concept is an ongoing evolution of SIBUR’s product portfolio. This year, for example, we are working to introduce two new products – maleic anhydride (MAN) and phthalate-free plasticiser (DOTP). We are convinced that these products will quickly find their way to the customers in the Russian market and help drive the industry growth. This issue features several articles about these products and our R&D developments. We are confident that the new products not only contribute to import substitution but also unlock new opportunities for our Clients in developing their product solutions.

New challenges open up new horizons for Russia's petrochemical industry. SIBUR hopes that our Clients and partners will join their efforts to grasp the opportunity. For details please see our new SIBUR for Clients issue.

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