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Sergey Komyshan

SIBUR’s Management Board member and Executive Director

What new product solutions is SIBUR going to offer after ZapSibNeftekhim is launched?

Our goal is to move beyond basic products to gradually introduce specialty grades. SIBUR seeks to expand its product range with new PE grades (HDPE and LLDPE) with a view to launching new solutions for the automotive industry, domestic appliances, trunk line pipes and large diameter pipes, packaging, etc.

We understand that we need to focus on enhancing performance, accelerating product development and launching bundle offerings. To this end, we launched SIBUR PolyLab, an R&D centre for the development and testing of polymer products. The centre will pursue experimental research of both polymer materials and final goods, which will speed up the development of innovative polymer grades and enable us to offer Clients a whole range of new products. Also, we are going to develop recycling solutions in cooperation with our Clients.

When is ZapSibNeftekhim slated for launch and when will it reach its design capacity?

What SIBUR's projects are scheduled for the near term?

Which sales markets do you regard as most promising for ZapSibNeftekhim’s polymers?

What electronic workflow systems help SIBUR make the best decisions?

What are the reasons for an almost twofold increase in domestic LPG prices since March 2017?

As LPG export duty was introduced in August, how will it influence your business? Will export flows be re-directed to the internal market characterised by currently high prices?

SIBUR conducts regular customer surveys. What is their objective and what are the initiatives based on them?

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, how will the temporary limits on production and traffic movement be impacting your product shipments?

What are the advantages of factoring?

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