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Per capita consumption of BOPP films in Europe stands at 2.4 kg p.a., while in Russia it's 1.2 kg p.a. What products drive consumption in Europe beyond that in Russia?

Why does BOPP consumption go up in Russia?

What new risks have emerged in the industry?

What new products can you have in your portfolio following the acquisition of a stake in Manucor, a foreign company? Which products will you soon discontinue and what will replace them?

How many of the Company’s employees are engaged in digitalisation projects?

What new product solutions is SIBUR going to offer after ZapSibNeftekhim is launched?

When is ZapSibNeftekhim slated for launch and when will it reach its design capacity?

What SIBUR's projects are scheduled for the near term?

Which sales markets do you regard as most promising for ZapSibNeftekhim’s polymers?

What electronic workflow systems help SIBUR make the best decisions?

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