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project manager, Project office “EDF implementation”

What electronic workflow systems help SIBUR make the best decisions?

SIBUR is closely monitoring the trends in digitalisation and acceleration of interactions in the supply chain and strives to be on top of them by investing in e-workflow. In May 2018, we launched a solution designed for electronic source documents. It allows for integration between the Company’s accounting systems and those of the e-workflow operators. A solution for electronic signature of contracts was launched in August, with over 50% of additional contracts for November signed electronically.

SIBUR has reached agreements with Russia’s three largest operators (out of some 50 operators working in Russia) to ensure a smooth transition of its clients to e-workflow. Our e-workflow partners are SKB Kontur (Diadoc system), Tensor (SBIS EDMS) and KORUS Consulting CIS (SPHERE Courier and E-involving products).

Starting from December, we can send documents using roaming (thanks to interaction between SIBUR’s and client’s operators). This is convenient for those clients who use products by other operators.

How to join e-workflow? If the client has already entered into a contract with an e-workflow operator and is prepared to receive contracts and source documents for SIBUR products electronically, all is needed is to provide the details of the operator to the dedicated manager.

What are the reasons for an almost twofold increase in domestic LPG prices since March 2017?

As LPG export duty was introduced in August, how will it influence your business? Will export flows be re-directed to the internal market characterised by currently high prices?

SIBUR conducts regular customer surveys. What is their objective and what are the initiatives based on them?

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, how will the temporary limits on production and traffic movement be impacting your product shipments?

What are the advantages of factoring?

Why do we see gas flaring at SIBUR’s production sites? What substances are burnt this way? If a gas flare forms soot, does it mean something goes wrong at the production site?

What is SIBUR’s approach to naming its production sites?

Have you considered other opportunities to optimise the business, such as divesting from your rubber assets or engaging in new projects and partnerships?

Seasonal peaks in demand is a well-known problem. Why does not SIBUR warn clients about changes in its supply schedule in advance?

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