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  1. Phthalate-free is the trend

    ... Natalya Malkova, Chief of Multinational Sales at BIAXPLEN. “In addition, BIAXPLEN has been working on developing monostructural packaging solutions and replacing the traditional multi-layer flexible packaging with monostructural packaging made of BOPP films in relevant segments. Another big trend is the increased client interest in suppliers’ sustainable development programmes, making implementation of the respective initiatives and standards a prerequisite for business growth.”

  2. BOPP films – flexible strategy

    ... deep into import substitution by the time the country officially adopted the strategy in 2014 in response to Western sanctions. Domestic players are committed to ensuring full imports substitution. Until the end of 2004, high-quality Russian BOPP films were simply non-existent. Most of the products were imported fr om neighbouring Belarus or other countries, ranging as far as Latin America. It was not until 2005 that the market saw the first Russian producers using state-of-the-art BOPP film ...

  3. BIAXPLEN launches new film grades

    The company has marketed new grades for a number of consumer segments The new films are intended for use in confectionery packaging, stationery supplies, and self-adhesive label manufacturing. PGI is a confectionery packaging film boasting enhanced release properties. It was developed jointly with Russia’s leading flexible packaging producers. The laboratory and production tests showed excellent results confirming stable release properties and strong seam durability throughout the packaged...

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