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  1. Digital tools

    The coronavirus pandemic has forced many companies to embrace work-from-home arrangements. Businesses that had their digital systems in place prior to the outbreak are better positioned for this transition. SIBUR launched its digitalisation effort long ...

  2. Petrochemical companies during the lockdown

    Petrochemical businesses are coping with the new reality as OPEC talks collapse with no deal and the coronavirus pandemic unfolds. 9 March 2020 has been dubbed the "Black Monday” in the business community. It will go down in history as the start date of the price war in the global oil markets, which followed the failure of Russia and Saudi Arabia ...

  3. An essential business

    ... combat the spread of COVID-19, Italy has halted all non-essential production. The list of essential goods includes foods that are packaged using BOPP films. The material's high barrier properties and competitive price serve to boost its demand amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  4. China – a firsthand account

    China was the first country to be hit by the coronavirus and also the first to curb the outbreak. We are keeping our finger on the pulse of the situation in the Middle Kingdom, and to shed more light on it we have our colleagues Mariya Voronkevych (Shanghai) and Olga Yunitskaya (Beijing), who were ...

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