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  1. Getting back to reality

    Message to senior managers from psychotherapist Andrey Kurpatov . Many of the so-called “programmes” of the human brain that helped people survive in the distant past have not only become outdated in the modern world but are also causing irrational behaviour and barriers to personal and organisational efficiency. Understanding brain laws and human behaviour is an important key to development, high-performance work, and managing processes and people. Neuroscience today gives insight into...

  2. Design thinking

    ... less than a year, the bank acquired 2.5 million new customers who opened over 700,000 bank accounts. Turnover in savings accounts totalled USD 3.1 bn – a result achieved thanks to the application of design-thinking methods. Design-thinking process Design thinking is about creating products and services based on an in-depth research of customer needs, and continuously improving product models. Its cycle comprises the following five stages: defining the problem, need finding, ideating a product or ...

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