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  1. Polymer strategy

    ... excise tax in Russia, which makes it the most attractive type of feedstock for the petrochemical industry. The sector's key players and Gazprom proposed that the government introduce equal incentives for other types of feedstock, i.e. ethane, LPG, and NGL. In March, the government responded with an approved roadmap for developing the petrochemical industry up to 2025. Before that, Russia had the Oil and Gas Chemical Development Framework through 2030 (Framework 2030) in place, discussed since 2012 ...

  2. Thorny petrochemicals

    ... them, with the combined ethylene capacity of 3.1 mt. Foundation All operational crackers were built back in the second half of the 20th century. The latest facility launched was Tomskneftekhim in 1981. Thus, there has not been a single major petrochemical plant commissioned in Russia in the recent 35 years. Limited number of the facilities means they are running at high operating rates – over 85%, on average. In case of emergencies or unscheduled downtime, the market may run ...

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