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  1. SBS polymers: high potential

    ... 120о C they soften like plastic. Products that have SBS polymers among components are flexible and resistant to cold, which makes them indispensable in cold climates. One of TPE’s key application areas is the production of polymer-bitumen binders (PBBs), which are part of the road pavement’s top layer. This segment successfully contributes to Russia’s import substitution strategy: most of the production is domestic. “We seek to make the main highways’ interval between repairs longer,” ...

  2. Best materials for Russian roads

    ... say. Experts also report stable growth, with 6.5 mt of bitumen production in 2018 and more than 63% of the weighted average capacity utilisation across the industry. Like other countries, Russia gradually expands the use of polymer-bitumen binders (PBBs), performance grade (PG) bitumens and bituminous products. In 2018, PBBs output was over 400 kt, while modified bitumen consumption in Russia grew by 18%. The share of PBBs and polymer-modified bitumen materials in road construction exceeded 7% in ...

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