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  1. SIBUR’s Digital Capabilities online demo event for clients

    ... another opportunity to learn about our partners’ needs and preferences while informing them about our new additional services.” Thanks to the online format, the organisers were able to arrange sessions with a number of different experts. The webinar’s speakers included Vasiliy Nomokonov, Management Board member and Executive Director at SIBUR, Ivan Kaptsov, Head of Logistics Digitalisation, Oleg Safonov, Chief Expert for Sales Development, and Ekaterina Kopaeva, Head of Customer Engagement ...

  2. Webinars for Clients

    SIBUR launches educational webinars for clients. SIBUR is committed to fostering mutually beneficial relations with its partners, which it does by enhancing cooperation, loyalty, and client experience. To that end, the Company has launched a client training initiative. The pilot ...

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