With the new platform

In January 2018, SIBUR updated an e-commerce platform for its clients.

A recent client survey demonstrated that almost all of them are interested in establishing seamless online interaction with the company.

To meet the clients’ expectations and keep abreast of the current trends, in 2018, SIBUR developed and launched an upgraded version of the e-commerce platform. Initial capabilities included online order options and user accounts. The clients participated in testing helping the company come up with a list of priorities for further development of the project.

Key benefits offered by the electronic platform are easy navigation and a convenient interface. The web page is fully adaptive and supports ordering from all kinds of user devices.

SIBUR will continue improving the platform in line with the clients’ needs. The capabilities to be added include online billing, shipping invoice tracking, provision of information about the driver and the vehicle, expansion of the product range (addition of BOPP films) and support for clients from international markets.

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