Mulled wine conferencing with partners

A unique roof coating manufactured from SIBUR’s materials was presented at a client conference – Mulled Wine from HOMA.

Drinking mulled wine with business partners is HOMA’s long-standing tradition. This year's Mulled Wine from HOMA was attended by some 150 professionals, including experts from SIBUR, which for many years has been a strategic partner of the company. The participants made a tour of HOMA’s production site and research centre in Dzerzhinsk to see how the products are developed and manufactured.

The event featured a round of foresight sessions focused on product segments offering the greatest promise, such as adhesive materials, dispersions for the paper and pulp industry, repair and construction materials and traditional paints and varnishes.

This is not the first time SIBUR takes part in partner programmes aimed at new segment development. “For SIBUR, this conference is great opportunity to meet with our clients while also networking with their consumers”, notes Natalia Koshelenko, Chief Expert at SIBUR's Plastics, Elastomers and Organic Synthesis Division. “This gives us a better understanding and a first-hand insight into the market needs and helps to find new opportunities for collaboration. We look to develop further and see brand new products made from our materials coming on stream”.

Mulled Wine from HOMA – 2018.

Mulled Wine from HOMA centred around the market trends and new additions to the company's product range. One of the new products presented by HOMA was Germetex PRO 900 manufactured with the use of HOMA's proprietary state-of-the-art adhesive based on 2-EHA by SIBUR. This material is designed primarily for renewing insulation coatings without using burners for its application and without removing the old coating.

The conference participants also talked about the key 2017 takeaways for the chemical industry overall and discussed the Russian paint and coatings and acrylic dispersions market in particular. The segment overview was presented by Chem-Courier, a research and information agency. “In 2017, domestic consumption of paints and coatings in Russia grew by 2.6% year-on-year to 1,307,000 tonnes. This growth was driven by a 2.8% increase in domestic production as well as a 2.2% rise in imports”, commented Victoria Chernova, Development Director at Chem-Courier.

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