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SIBUR's products win diplomas at the nationwide stage of the 100 Best Goods of Russia contest.

The nationwide stage of the 20th 100 Best Goods of Russia contest was held in late 2017 and saw manufacturers from across the country vie for prizes. Several products from SIBUR's Kstovo and Perm sites also made it to the top list.

In particular, diplomas were awarded to the Kstovo site’s ethylene and benzene, while SIBUR's Perm site with its expandable polystyrene (EPS) won the contest in the nomination for Accomplishments in Import Substitution. Polystyrene is widely used in construction, appliance and food packaging, and manufacturing of furniture and decor elements.

During the award ceremonies held in Nizhny Novgorod and Perm respectively, Aleksandr Dolzhikov, CEO of SIBUR's Kstovo site, and Konstantin Yugov, CEO of SIBUR’s Perm site, received badges of honour for Accomplishments in Quality.

“We take particular pride in having such production facilities in the Perm Territory and hope that SIBUR’s Perm site will not only retain its leadership, but will also win future contests with new product offerings,” said Anatoly Demenev, acting Director at the Perm Centre of Standardisation, Metrology and Certification.

Ethylene and benzene from SIBUR's Kstovo site and EPS from the Company's Perm site are not the first products to win recognition for SIBUR. In previous years, the Togliatti site with its isoprene rubber, the Tobolsk site with polypropylene, and the Voronezh site with thermoplastic elastomers all had the distinction of being among the contest winners.

SIBUR's products win diplomas at the nationwide stage of the 100 Best Goods of Russia contest

100 Best Goods of Russia contest has been held annually since 1998, attracting more and more participants each year. The contest is set to improve the quality of Russian goods and services, and make them more competitive. There are two stages, regional and nationwide, with contestants competing across six main categories: Food Products, Consumer Goods, Industrial and Technical Goods, Arts and Crafts, Public Services, Industrial and Technical Services.

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