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Oleg Makarov, member of SIBUR’s Management Board and Executive Director, takes a focus on investments in relationships, enhancement of customer support, challenges for the petrochemical industry coming from pharmaceutical innovations and, not unexpectedly, football.

Dear clients,

Just recently we held a staff survey, asking 120 professionals from different teams and functions, including managers, to assess the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and client relations. While praising the Company’s leadership standing in the market, our employees still rate SIBUR’s competencies in client support as average. There is room for improvement here, and we are committed to doing everything to offer our clients the best quality in any contact they have with SIBUR.

We are perfectly aware that in the B2B segment and especially in our industry, businesses that want to grow need to have a greater focus on partner relations: in the long run, investing in relations is something that benefits all the parties involved. We know just how important good long-term ties with suppliers are for consumers in the petrochemical industry. We understand the crucial role of client support, which is becoming increasingly convenient and comprehensive as offered by global leaders. Aside from sales as such, companies cater to a variety of additional client needs by providing the most extensive assistance possible. This way, deals and transactions evolve into joint growth and development.

With this in mind, we held a major evaluation session in April to gauge SIBUR’s performance in advancing its relations with clients and improving our marketing and sales function. A lot of the company’s business units have accumulated a vast array of skills and knowledge that we are willing to structure and share to make sure our client experience is impeccable. The training session brought together our marketing teams and other professionals, and we also reached out to companies from other industries to showcase their exceptional performance in liaising with clients. The event became an opportunity for everyone to share their unique solutions and most effective practices. We believe this is a great experience that we can capitalise on in what we do. The session also involved our Ernst & Young advisors and Chris Daffy, a world-renowned marketing expert.

The session’s highlights, SIBUR’s next plans and new projects already underway for our clients are at the centre of this new issue of SIBUR to Clients. Another feature is this summer’s key event, the FIFA World Cup, and its impact on the petrochemical market. We also look into the healthcare of the future and what pharmaceutical innovators will expect from petrochemical products. These expectations are something we need to be focused on right away as we embark on a challenge that will require effective relations to underpin it.

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