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    Survey completed

    Start of survey: 21 June 2022

    End of survey: 01 December 2022

    Survey results

    # 1. Question

    Does your company have staff training projects?

    yes, we have been developing this discipline for a while; 40.00%
    we have no such projects as yet; 40.00%
    we do have these projects but would like to improve them. 20.00%
    # 2. Question

    What challenges do you and your colleagues face in corporate training?

    lack of information; 40.00%
    disagreement on the goals and their enablers; 0.00%
    we are doing great and would love to share our experience! 60.00%
    # 3. Question

    Would you be interested in receiving the magazine on corporate training?

    definitely, such a periodical is very relevant; 20.00%
    the periodical is field specific, other useful content may be added; 0.00%
    no, we have different priorities for now. 80.00%
    # 4. Question

    What training-related topics would you be interested in?

    experience of industry peers; 40.00%
    advice from top managers, best global practices, statistics; 0.00%
    different approaches to HR policy. 60.00%
    # 5. Question

    Are you ready to join EdLab?

    yes, I want to share my expertise; 0.00%
    I do not see areas of common interest so far; 40.00%
    I want to propose our own form of cooperation. 60.00%
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