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    Test progress (1 / 10)

    What three core areas are included in the ESG agenda?

    Responsible approach to the environment, social responsibility towards employees, counterparties and the community, and management accountability
    Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance; Responsible approach to the environment, responsibility towards the government and management accountability
    Responsible approach to gender equality, management accountability, social responsibility towards employees, counterparties and the community

    Test progress (2 / 10)

    What is ESG rating?

    Evaluation of the company’s financial performance alone
    Evaluation of ESG agenda integration in the company’s operations
    Evaluation of the company’s preparedness to the adoption of ESG principles

    Test progress (3 / 10)

    How does ESG rating affect the company’s performance?

    Improves the company’s investment attractiveness and business image
    Allows to attract new investors through the issue of ESG bonds
    All the statements are true

    Test progress (4 / 10)

    What is a circular economy?

    Ability to use valuable materials in processing
    Economy based on the regeneration of resources and recycling of waste
    Both statements are true

    Test progress (5 / 10)

    Sustainable development is intended to address the following main objectives:

    Achieve a balance between human activity, economic growth and the environment
    Improve the company’s financial performance
    Improve the company’s image

    Test progress (6 / 10)

    Who are the stakeholders of ESG transformation in the company that pursues ESG policies in its activities?

    Customers, operations, community, regulators, capital markets
    Community alone
    Customers and community alone

    Test progress (7 / 10)

    What are carbon polygons?

    Carbon polygons are territories with unique ecosystems enabling monitoring and supervision of climatically active gases with the involvement of universities and research organizations
    Carbon polygons are household waste landfill sites designed for various research activities
    Carbon polygons are sites for testing oil and gas equipment

    Test progress (8 / 10)

    What are carbon units and why are they issued?

    These are ESG bonds issued by companies to support decarbonization projects
    They are the deliverables of climate action projects quantified in the number of prevented or captured emissions in tonnes of СО2 equivalent
    A carbon unit is special equipment used to reduce the carbon footprint from the operations of industrial companies

    Test progress (9 / 10)

    What are the goals of SIBUR’s Green Formula forestation and climate action program?

    Reduce the climate impact from SIBUR’s operations;
    Provide a holistic approach to achieving a long-term environmental effect;
    Launch a pilot project to issue carbon units;
    Support school-based forestry teams and their research projects for further development of the program in the regions;
    All of the above is true about SIBUR’s Green Formula

    Test progress (10 / 10)

    Reduction of human impact on the environment is one of the top priority areas of SIBUR’s activities which includes:

    Protection of water resources and air;
    Waste management and biodiversity conservation;
    Energy efficiency;
    All of the above
    31 May 2023

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