“SIBUR for Clients” is an online magazine published by SIBUR for clients and partners.
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    The transformation of SIBUR for Clients reflects our passion for what we do, commitment to improve our current services and processes. We are convinced that together with our readers and SIBUR’s partners, we will be able to build an effective industry community. For example, the new website features more options for two-way communication: tests, surveys, comments on posts, that enable interaction among all community members, and create another channel for us to receive feedback from our dear readers. Authorization on the portal is integrated with the VK social networking service. For ease of navigation, we have developed a short guidance on the updated list of headings of SIBUR for Clients.


    Most important news from businesses, market and the industry

    This section contains news from SIBUR, industry enterprises and partners. 


    Customer and partner support

    All the materials on the wide range of SIBUR’s products and services are now shared in one separate section, which also features useful information on the company’s new product offering for clients and partners.


    Being on trend is as simple as ABC

    Analytical surveys, global and local trends, expert evaluations and industry forecasts. We continue to trust competent sources and credible experts. 


    Applied knowledge to serve the business

    In the Workshop section, we have consolidated valuable content for your business. Advice from experts and case studies from fellow business leaders on a wide variety of topics illustrating the operations in the chemical, petrochemical and polymer industries: managing the company’s finances, controlling accounts receivable, mitigating risks and delivering successful projects. The articles are authored by market experts, representatives of SIBUR and its trusted partner companies.


    The archives of the magazine have been preserved with care and dedication

    From 2016, SIBUR for Clients has been featuring the most relevant content on the developments in the Russian petrochemical market. The website hosts a vast archive of unique copyrighted material that we have preserved with care and dedication, including topical articles, analytics, opinions shared by experts and industry leaders, as well as interviews with partners and top managers of SIBUR. They are now available through the Archive link at the bottom of the site.

    We continue to improve!

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    14 October 2022

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